Delicate Flame Of Desire



  1. Karnataka
  2. Time Stands Still
  3. Delicate Flame Of Desire
  4. After The Rain
  5. Strange Behaviour
  6. The Right Time
  7. One Breath Away
  8. Out Of Reach
  9. Heart Of Stone

Released in 2003, produced by Steve Evans and mixed by Joe Gibb the album went on to win critical acclaim including Best New Album award at the Classic Rock Society awards.

Sensual, spiritual and unrestrained by musical boundaries, the dramatic, multi-layered arrangements combine with haunting vocal melodies to create a powerful and epic work where panoramic soundscapes give way to fragile moments of acoustic intimacy.

Features fan favourites Delicate Flame of Desire and Heart Of Stone.

Album Reviews

"...stirring enough to evoke deep emotions, inspire, and spark the imagination. Delicate Flame of Desire is a collection of truly wonderful and well-crafted songs. Karnataka is a very original sounding symphonic rock band..." Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"...Their third album is also a further step along the road to musical maturity, and from the chunky gloss booklet to the lush orchestrations, harmonies and production, this package oozes quality..." Get Ready To Rock

"...It really is a simply wonderful album by simply wonderful, unassuming and very talented individuals who are thoroughly deserving of great success. Delicate Flame Of Desire? Every home should have one..." Fireworks Magazine

"... After listening to this album, I now know why the press has been so positive regarding Karnataka. This is an outstanding collection of songs and Karnataka is a very exciting band on the current music scene...." Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio

"...A very accomplished album - good, clear production coupled with quality instrumentation. If you like Marillion, Clannad and laid back folk meets prog rock then buy this album now..." Classic Rock Newswire