Forbidden Dreams Tour 2012 – 2013

Following the release of New Light the band embarked on a second major UK and European tour – The Forbidden Dreams Tour.

The band featured new material in  a radically re-worked set from the one played earlier in the year. Hayley had now truly found her rock feet and was commanding the stage with her performances.

The band were moving in a more symphonic direction and this was mirrored in the new tracks being debuted – Forbidden Dreams and Poison Ivy. A third new track, Feels Like Home, showed the band still experimenting with Celtic influences.

The band filmed and recorded their Leamington Spa Assembly show on November 17th 2012. The footage has been edited for a possible 2014 release. The tour included a sold out performance in Verona Italy.

The UK leg of the tour culminated in a show at Scala London where the band performed a version of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.

The tour continued into 2013 with two shows in The Netherlands – De Pul in Uden and Boerderij Zoetermeer on January 26th 2013.


HRH Prog Festival


Karnataka performed at the three day HRH Prog Festival April 6th 2013.

The Festival took place in the (very cold!) Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham.


Jimmy Pallagrosi

jimmy2The drum seat had been filled by various session drummers since 2006 but the band were keen to return to being a team and take on a full time band member.

In late 2013 Enrico was introduced to French drummer and multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Pallagrosi. Jimmy was recording in Enrico’s Quadra studio.

Enrico played Jimmy some of the band’s material – he loved it. An audition was arranged where it became immediately clear to the band that Jimmy was an exceptional drum talent.  It was clear to all that he was perfect for the band and in 2014 Jimmy was announced as the new Karnataka drummer.

Jimmy is endorsed by Yamaha drums.



3 thoughts on “Band History

  1. What a blast! Once upon a lifetime I stumble into a music sphere that really change my life! This bis awesome! Tell me more!

  2. I am of mature years and have heard and enjoyed many music genres. But Karnataka are something beyond excellent. my expectations are nòw raised and I hope to see them live one day. Something to look forward to.

  3. At age 66 and searching for creative music my ears and mind were satiated by the music and accompanying lyrics. Just beautiful

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