(Immrama Records) Reviewed 27th November 2012

Karnataka was formed in 1997 by founding members, Ian Jones (bass/acoustic guitar), Jonathan Edwards (keyboards) and Rachel Jones (vocals). The five-piece recorded what would become their debut album, Karnataka in 1997. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and in 2012, we now have Hayley Griffiths as the leading lady, while mainstay Ian Jones is still there, keeping the whole ship afloat. This double cd, that is also accompanied by a separate stunning DVD was recorded and filmed at The Met Theatre in Bury on the New Light Tour. We get here 15 tracks of prime time Karnataka, music that I would like to call thinking person’s rock music. Of the eight numbers on ‘The Gathering Light’ album, seven are featured here as we would expect, while we get a sprinkling of tracks from previous albums ‘The Storm’ and ‘Delicate Flame of Desire’. A beautiful collection of songs if I may say so, enhanced even more by the luscious vocals of Hayley, and some all round amazing musicanship. I recently saw the band live at Leamington Spa supported by the amazing Winter In Eden, the first time I have seen Karnataka live in-fact, and I must say that it was one of the best gigs I have attended. This double live cd is a breathtaking foray into the world of Karnataka – get it! 9/10 (Dave)